Philadelphia Ballet’s Community Education and Public Programs have partnered with other artists and arts organizations to connect dance and visual arts through storytelling.

Youth Voices: Poetry Project 

A partnership between Philadelphia Ballet and Creative and Performing Arts High School 

In Spring 2023, Creative Writing students at the Creative and Performing Arts High School (CAPA) worked with writer Tammi Markowitz through a series of creative writing workshops. These students produced poetry that dancers from Philadelphia Ballet interpreted. Produced by Big Picture Alliance, this film captures the connections between the dancers’ movements and students’ writing, demonstrating how these two artistic mediums inform and inspire one another. 

Thank you to teachers Tammi Markowitz and Rachel Harr for their work with these young writers. 


Juliana Coleman
Sofia Degginger
Alyssa Nguyen
Mya Santano
Alin Spearman
Natalie Spina


Youth Voices: 5, 6, 7, 8

Film created in partnership with Philadelphia Ballet and Big Picture Alliance
Voices Featured: Octavia and Garrick Johnson

Octavia participated in Philadelphia Ballet’s High School Choreographic Mentorship Program, during which she developed her creative perspective as a choreographer but also gained valuable performance experience. 5,6,7,8 is a film exploring the origins of her love for dance and her father’s perspective on how dance has played an important role in her life. Octavia is currently a senior at the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), Class of 2023.

“Once a dancer, always a dancer, and I will always continue to be a dancer.”
Octavia Johnson

Youth Voices: Exploring Storytelling Through Mask-Making

Philadelphia Ballet and Philadelphia Museum of Art Teen Sketch Program Collaboration

Costumes are a crucial part of storytelling. Many ballets incorporate elaborate masks to identify characters and to contribute to the rich visual experience of their productions. In partnership with Philadelphia Ballet, Teen Sketch students learned about the use of masks in ancient myths, modern storytelling, and classical ballet. Students created masks out of a variety of materials, including clay, papier mâché, and recycled material, exploring the duality of utopia and dystopia. As part of this partnership, students attended Philadelphia Ballet’s program The Sleeping Beauty, which features many examples of costuming with masks like Carabosse’s sidekicks, The White Cat, Puss in Boots, Blue Bird, and the Wolf.

Vikki Sloviter is a Philadelphia-based fine art portrait and ballet photographer whose work showcases the artistry, technique, athleticism, and beauty of the ballet dancer’s body. Vikki has photographed dancers from companies around the country. Her Instagram handle is @vikkisloviterphoto.

Artists: Justina L., Samira J. Aryanna S, Carolina M.
Dancers: Thays Golz, Zecheng Liang, Denis Maciel

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Costume Collaboration

Philadelphia Ballet and Moore College of Art and Design

Third year fashion design students at Moore College of Art & Design, led by Program Head Daniel Velasco, worked with Philadelphia Ballet to create original Sleeping Beauty Bluebird pas de deux costumes. Through Community Education and Public Program collaborations, Philadelphia Ballet and Moore offer educational access for students that will be the next generation of artisans.
Dancers featured in the film: Kathryn Manger, Soloist, and Peter Weil, The Liz and Henry Harris Soloist.

Kieu Tieu – Lead Designer
Alyssa Lucas
Trinity Alexander
Tania Crowell
Lauryn Blackston
Daniel Velasco – Program Head
Dom Streater
Holly Hynes
Wendy Levin


High School Choreographic and Music Fellows

High School Music Fellows

Cyrano Rosentrater

Justin Duong

Music Mentor,
John B Hedges

High School Choreographic Fellows

Kayla Bailey

Kaylee Scott

Choreographic Mentor,
Jon Baldwin

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