Board of Trustees

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Chair Emeriti

Kathy Z. Anderson, ex-officio

Bruce M. Eckert, ex-officio

Janis Lynn Goodman, Ph.D., ex-officio

Cary S. Levinson, ex-officio

Louise H. Reed, ex-officio

Emeritus Trustees



Janet Averill
Louise H. Reed


Hilary Alger

Kathy Z. Anderson

Barbara Austell

Neal E. Bozentka, D.M.D.

Amy Coes

Robert M. Dever

Bruce M. Eckert

Penny Fox

Irene Wilson Gage

Jay L. Goldberg, Esq.

Dr. James L. Goodwill III

Frederick R. Haas

Liz Harris

The Honorable Joyce S. Kean

Charles P. Keates, Esq.

Andrew Kress

Kristen L. Kucharczuk, M.D., Ph.D.

Annette Linck

Leslie Anne Miller, Esq.

Tammy J. Murabito

James A. Ounsworth, Esq.

DanThu (Thi) Phan, Esq.

David A. Pierson, Ph.D.

Kathryn Loev Putnam

David C. Rogers

Dr. George Link Spaeth

Keith R. Straw

Tracy Anne Wenzinger

Legal Counsel & Auditors

Blank Rome LLP

Isdaner & Company, LLC

Morgan Lewis – Immigration Attorneys

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