School of Philadelphia Ballet traces its roots back to the illustrious George Balanchine, one of the most celebrated choreographers in the history of dance. Originally hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Balanchine arrived in the United States with a fervent commitment to nurturing ballet and ensuring its enduring vitality through education. One of his dedicated disciples, Barbara Weisberger, established the Pennsylvania Ballet in 1963. She shared Balanchine’s unwavering passion for teaching and harbored a dream of a seamless synergy between the professional dance company and an academy for aspiring dancers. Today, the School operates from the Louise Reed Center for Dance in Center City Philadelphia, guided by the visionary leadership of Angel Corella, Artistic Director of the Philadelphia Ballet.

While the school’s origins are deeply rooted in Balanchine’s legacy, its current curriculum transcends a singular style. We embrace a comprehensive approach, drawing inspiration from the Vaganova method while incorporating other syllabi that align with the organic progression of movement and functionality.


Under the stewardship of Artistic Director Angel Corella, our mission is to provide students with the highest caliber dance education that equips them for the demands of today’s dance world. We place a strong emphasis on building impeccable technique, fostering artistry, and nurturing versatility—essential attributes for students to achieve their aspirations of becoming professional ballet dancers, both nationally and internationally.

Our faculty comprises experienced instructors from Philadelphia Ballet and beyond, who believe in the transformative power of energy and compassion. At SPB, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment, ensuring a positive and enriching learning experience for all. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate a seamless progression of skill development, starting from the earliest stages of training and culminating in performance readiness. Our students receive intensive instruction across disciplines, including classical ballet technique, pointe work, men’s classes, pas de deux, and variations. To enrich their training, we offer additional classes in contemporary, Flamenco, Jazz, stretch, and strength.

The dedicated educators at SPB are unwavering in their commitment to helping each student realize their potential as a dancer. We recognize the genuine passion our students possess for the art form, and we cherish the dedication they bring to the studio each day. Moreover, we believe that the passion, commitment, and joy derived from dance extend beyond the studio and positively influence all aspects of our students’ lives.

One of the distinctive advantages of SPB is its close association with the globally renowned Philadelphia Ballet. Our students have the privilege of learning from members of the Philadelphia Ballet and other esteemed dance companies. Furthermore, they have the unique opportunity to participate in professional productions alongside the Company. Annually, an average of 100 students from SPB are selected to join the Philadelphia Ballet in its cherished holiday production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker®.

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