Artistic Staff

Angel Corella
The Ruth & A. Morris Williams, Jr. Artistic Director

Samantha Dunster
The Deborah & Kurt Hilzinger Assistant Artistic Director

Charles Askegard
The Janis & Stephen Goodman Rehearsal Director

Music Staff

Beatrice Jona Affron
Music Director & Conductor
The Louise & Alan Reed Music Director

Luigi Mazzocchi

Natasha Colkett
Personnel Manager 

Martha Koeneman
Greapentrog Principal Pianist

Moriah Trenk
Company Pianist

J. Robert Loy

Rebecca Ostermann
Music Department Assistant

Administrative Staff


Shelly Power
The Dr. Carolyn Newsom Executive Director

Brooke Everett
Chief of Staff
[email protected]


Christine Stone Martin
General Manager
[email protected]

Alexis Parente
Company Manager
[email protected]


Will Shields
Director of Finance & Business Operations
[email protected]


Sarah Cooper
Creative Director, Community Education & Public Programs
[email protected]

Jourdan Cooper
General Manager, Curriculum & Community Education
[email protected]

Randy Benedict
Program Manager, In School Partnerships & Public Programs
[email protected]


Wayne Dorrell
Head of Facilities & Special Projects
[email protected]

Alexandra Brendlinger
Manager, Facilities Administration
[email protected]

Bill Halpin
Projects Manager

Hank Curry
Helen Laoye
Laura Sellers-Alston


Jacqueline Meister
Director of Human Resources
[email protected]

Ja’Quel Carroll
Human Resources Administrator
[email protected]


David Chambers
Chief Advancement Officer
[email protected]

JP Altizer
Senior Director, Development
[email protected]

Christian Brown
Interim Director of Marketing

John Whitehead
Director, Special Events & Stewardship
[email protected]

Taylor Kellar
Special Events Coordinator
[email protected]

Emily O’Rourke
Associate Director, Foundations & Government
215.551.7000 ext. 1222
[email protected]

Norman Lawrence
Major Gifts Officer
215.419.5342 ext. 1221
[email protected]

Samantha Jones
Marketing Manager, Community & Advancement Projects & Special Events
[email protected]

Leslie Gray
Manager, Research & Moves Management
[email protected]

Emily White
Gifts Officer
215.419.5341 ext. 1220
[email protected]

Carnelita Slaughter
Digital Content Manager
[email protected]

John Hyatt
Advancement Coordinator
[email protected]

Amanda Rossi
Development Operations Coordinator
[email protected]

Kyndal Harrison
Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]


Daniel Wellman
Director of Production
[email protected]

Colette Wellman
Production Stage Manager
[email protected] 

Bella DeNapoli
Assistant Stage Manager
[email protected]

Michael Lambui
Production Coordinator
[email protected] 

Nick Kolin
Lighting Director

Sasha Anistratova
Associate Lighting Designer

Paul Hewitt
Head Carpenter

Patrick W. Kelly
Assistant Carpenter and Flyman

Uel Bergey
Master Electrician

Paul Myers and Christopher Flynn
Assistant Electricians

Daniel Amadie
Property Master 

Thomas McIntyre
Property Assistant 

Jennifer Tierney
Wardrobe Manager
[email protected]

Mark Mariani
Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor & Costumer
[email protected]

Katie McCann, Joy Rampulla, and Elmo Struck
Wardrobe Assistants


Davit Karapetyan
Director of School of Philadelphia Ballet
[email protected]

Eddy Tovar
Director, Philadelphia Ballet II
[email protected]

Kristina Windom
Principal, School of Philadelphia Ballet
[email protected]

Magge Hoelper
Artistic Coordinator, School of Philadelphia Ballet
[email protected]

Sarah Schultz
Administrative Director, School of Philadelphia Ballet
[email protected]

Emily Keleher
Administrative Coordinator, School of Philadelphia Ballet Administration & Residence Program
[email protected]

Adriane Medford
School Registrar
[email protected]

Cody Noffsinger
School Studio Manager – New Jersey
[email protected]

Amy Novinski
Faculty, Head of Adult Programs

Jaime Santoro
Faculty, Children’s Ballet Stager
[email protected]

Laura Bowman Goldstein
Faculty & Digital Content Assistant
[email protected]

Valerie Amiss
Alexei Borovik
Gabrielle Byrnes
Alexei Charov
Natalia Charova
Courtney Conigatti
William DeGregory
Charity Eagens
Cristina Espaillat
Mikaela Fenton
Michelle Figueiredo
RuthE Freeberg
Jessica Kilpatrick
Yejin Ku
Gillian Lastinger
Lourdes Novoa
Kathryn Phipps
Meredith Rainey
Jesse Sani
Madeline Stevenosky
Jennifer Tedesco
Natalie Thibodeaux
Olivia Wood
Elba Cena Zarate

Karina Adriano
Saantis Davis
Paul Fejko
Marty Gottlieb-Hollis
Victoria Kogan
Michael Lewis
Gabriel Rebolla
Natalia Varlashova


Wen Chao, M.D.
Jeremy Close, M.D.
Marc I. Harwood, M.D.
Judith Peterson, M.D.
Medical Consultants

Julie Green, MSPT, OCS
Physical Therapist & Rehab Director

Laura Jenkins
Licensed Massage Therapist

Ensemble Arts Philly Audience Services

  • Single Tickets & General Inquiries: 215.893.1999
    • Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm, evening hours when there are performances
  • Audience Services: 215.893.1955
    • Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Contact Audience Services Online

Matt Cooper
Vice President, Audience Service

Meg Hackney
Director of Audience & Ticketing Services 

Jayson Bucy
Associate Director, Ticketing Operations

Meghan Reed
Audience Services Manager

Catherine Pappas
Project Manager

Rachelle Seney
Ticketing Operations Coordinator

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