Pennsylvania Ballet is now Philadelphia Ballet.

Philadelphia: Our home, our inspiration, our identity.

Among its many challenges, 2020 also presented our company with a gift: a moment to pause, to breathe, to reflect, and recenter.

As our world wrestled with grief, turmoil, isolation, and anger, we took the opportunity to ask ourselves: where is our place? For whom do we dance? Where have we come from, and where do we go next?

Each and every question led us back to one place: Philadelphia.

This is the city of artists, athletes, champions and legends.

A city where ambition, determination, and desire drive big dreams and shape new worlds.

A city of culture and community in equal measure. A city where hard work and ingenuity have unlimited potential, and where revolutionary ideas can take root.

Our artists may come from as close as South Philly or as far as the South of France, but if there’s one thing we know, it is that Philadelphia isn’t about where you are from:  It’s about what you stand for.

We are spirited, strong, and serious about our craft.
We don’t back down from a challenge, and we push ourselves to the limit in pursuit of greatness.
We are passionate and persistent, unrelenting and uncompromising.

Our commitment to excellence may make us one of the most elite ballet companies on the world stage, but it is the fiery spirit of Philadelphia that drives us day in and day out.

The drumbeat of this city is the tempo that we dance to, no matter the score.

We are Philadelphia Ballet.

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