Highlighting the opportunities for careers in the arts


Grades served: 9th-12th
Total served: 230
Schools served: Franklin Learning Center (FLC), Kensington High School for Creative and Performing Arts (KCAPA), Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), Northeast High School, Philadelphia High School for Girls, Chester Charter School for the Arts

Philadelphia Ballet’s High School Partnership Program offers a dance education program that provides in-depth dance engagement and instruction at the high school level.

Students from arts and/or dance major programs in Philadelphia-area high schools attend a series of performances, master classes, and lectures throughout the school year. Working with members of the artistic staff, costume department, lighting and stage design department, and administrative staff, students are exposed to the many elements that make a ballet company run and gain a broad understanding of career opportunities in the world of dance, both on stage and off.


Students attend a series of performances and rehearsals throughout the school year


Lectures with members of the artistic, costume, lighting, and administrative departments provide exposure to the many career opportunities available in the world of dance


Master classes provide students with a physical understanding of ballet, and give interested students further opportunities to dance

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